Moisture Testing

Flooring failures over a concrete substrate are a common problem in the construction industry and are most often a result of excessive moisture remaining in the concrete slab after the installation of flooring products. Failures such as blistering, bubbling and delamination can all occur and are extremely costly problems to resolve. EXL can provide the necessary testing to ensure that your concrete slabs are sufficiently dry to meet with the proposed flooring products requirements.

By using the latest technology and complying with ASTM Standards, EXL is able to provide fast, accurate and reliable results for all your moisture testing needs. General Contractors, Flooring Installers and Engineers will be able to now confidently proceed with flooring installation while knowing that the moisture level in the concrete slab is at a suitable level to not cause failures.

Certified Materials Testing Laboratory Services

Monitoring & Testing Services For:

  • Structures • Foundations • Earthworks
  • Service installations • Open cut • Pavement

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