Floor Flatness Testing

Many projects in a wide range of industries require a high quality finish to their concrete slabs, which must meet strict specifications in order to be accepted for use. Hospitals, grocery stores, and warehouses, are some examples where flat and level floors are a necessity to ensure the smooth movement of gurneys, grocery carts, and forklifts. EXL utilizes the latest instruments to provide a fast and accurate floor measurement that complies with American Concrete Institute (ACI), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

EXL can provide instant feedback on site of your concrete slab’s floor flatness and levelness data, and prepare technical reports giving you the information you need to approve compliant floors, or repair floors that fall outside of specifications. Detailed elevation studies can be provided which show relative elevations for the slab at specific point locations, or general sections of your floor.

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